Geert Huinink is most famous from his work with Armin van Buuren and DJ Tiësto, for whom he composed many tracks e.g.: “Elements of life” and “Openings Ceremony of the Olympics 2004”. He started as a classical composer and in 1998 decided to bring classical music to Dancemusic. When he met Tiësto in 2000, the two decided to work together and a very successful partnership was born. Many of Tiësto’s greatest hits were co-composed by Geert and also did he create music for big events like ‘The Olympics Opening Ceremony 2004’ in Greece and ‘Tiësto in Concert’. Tracks like ‘Forever Today’ and ‘Elements of Life’ are Geert’s compositions. Besides Tiësto Geert also worked with Armin van Buuren, Don Diablo, Brennan Heart and many others. Geert composed music for a lot of Dutch Television programs, Movies, Videogames and Theatre shows and worked with many orchestras in Europe. His work as in his life always reflects a complete dedication and an incredible emotional flow.(go to wiki)

Geronimo Snijtsheuvel was admitted by the prestigious Conservatory of Maastricht at the age of 13 where he studied Classical Piano, Jazz-Rock-World Music and Composition. He did concert tours all around the globe with classical orchestras as well as bands (rock bands, jazz trio, salsa, gospel) and great artists like Ricky Margitza (Miles Davis), DJ Ron van den Beuken and Q. Johnson (Branford Marsalis). He met Geert in 2009 who tutored him in all the little secrets of producing, turning him into the 24/7 composer maniac he is now.

They like to tell stories. It could be about a Maasaï warrior gone ice-fishin’ with his Inuït sidekick Bob, accompanied by a Javanese Gamelan ensemble, led by a cap-wearing monkey that also sings Tiroler Schlagers. They do all styles, but it’s not about the music. It’s all about story and emotion.


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